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Planning Your Reception Area

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Your reception area says so much about you and your business. Of course it is clean and tidy, which creates a good first impression. But what about the other more subtle messages that your reception area sends?

The reception desk is as much a business tool as your laptop. It is where business is transacted, appointments made, clients received and invoices produced and paid; so function is key. The design of the reception desk should not only be functional, but also fit with your branding and positioning. The same goes for your other furniture, chairs and lounges, coffee tables and magazine rack. You may also have cabinets and bookcases with client files.

Privacy is a major consideration. The reception desk needs to be tall enough to prevent computer screens being overlooked and deep enough to hide the notes that inevitably accumulate through the day. Too tall and the welcoming smile of the receptionist may be hidden, so a few millimetres can make a big difference.

If files are stored in the reception area then any glazed door bookcases need to be fitted with glass to prevent the file names being read. Similarly cabinets need to be positioned well away from the entrance and, if necessary, fitted with locks.

Seating, coffee tables and magazine racks/literature holders have a lot of use, so it is worthwhile investing in furniture that is well made and long lasting - contemporary rather than fashionable, or it will soon look dated.

With so many things to consider, it is worthwhile taking expert advice from the legal suite professionals at Desks ETC. Having created dozens of legal suites Desks ETC can advise on practical solutions that fit your practice, your branding and budget. Give Desks ETC a call to discuss your ideas.

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