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How Your Furniture Can Make Your Meetings More Productive

Having the right furniture can make your meetings more productive. If meeting participants are comfortably seated and have sufficient space to present and/or to make notes, then you are well on the way to a successful meeting.

Sizing a table and chairs for a meeting room is not an easy task, so let’s start with some basics:

How big is the room?

Where are the door(s) and windows?

Where are the power and data points and the air conditioning outlets?

Are there removeable partitions to make the room bigger or smaller?

Before spending money and time on choosing furniture that later proves to be far from ideal, it is worth having a scale plan of the meeting room drawn up, so that you can think through how the room will be laid out. Most importantly, what sort of meetings are to take place in the room? Is it the space to present to important customers, for team meetings or ad hoc private conversations during the day? The more uses the room has to fulfil the more flexible the furniture needs to be.

Many meeting rooms appear too full of furniture. To avoid this issue allow at least a metre from the table to the wall and choose chairs that fit mostly under the table when not in use. This way people can easily get to their seats. Allow at least 650 mm of table for everyone sitting around it to be comfortable, more if you can. If presentations are to take place in the room, make sure there is enough clear floorspace for the presenter at one end of the room.

In the interests of flexibility you may wish to choose an executive desk chair with a base on castors, but be careful; the width of the seat and arms will be greater than a simple static chair. What’s more, the arms of an executive chair can easily damage your meeting table as they are swivelled around. Measure the seat and arm width of the chairs you are considering and check that they are an appropriate height for the table.If the room is divided, consider a specially made table that can function as a whole or as two or more pieces. Its extra cost will be outweighed by its flexibility in use.

Finally, use masking tape to scope out on the floor and accurately size the table and any other fixed items of furniture to make sure your meeting room will work. Even so it may be difficult to imagine what a large meeting room table and chairs will look like. Visit Desks ETC’s showroom, where there is always a selection of boardroom and meeting room tables and chairs to try.

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